FastLED based matrix

So I am in a independent studies class and the class is we pick a large project and do it for the semester. And I have decided to build a 31x31 led (961 LED's total) matrix driven by the FastLED library. I have concluded the Arduino DUE will be the best suit for me as it has a lot of SRAM which you need 3 bytes per LED. However one thing I want to include is a Easter egg that is being able to play Tetris. And I haven't been able to figure that out. Obviously some hacking will have to be done to get it to work on a 31x31 grid but I want there to be buttons for the game and to cycle through animations when it's not showing Tetris. Any and all advice is welcomed. I have an understanding of how programming works in general and the only Arduino project I've done was a homemade CNC mill and that didn't involve coding anything, just flashing the program used.