FastLED blue to yellow

So I'm not actually sure if this is possible, as I can't seem to find a viable route, but is there any way using FastLED in HSV mode to fade from blue to yellow. When I look at the 3d spectrum, it seems as there's no way to get there without going through white.

The reason I ask this is because I want the color to indicate how close somebody is to a correct answer, starting with red on one side and blue on the other. On the red side, red, orange and yellow are all unique colors to humans, while from blue to green is just different shades of aqua.

Just wondering if anybody has any insight on this?

Nevermind, this would be like going from red to aqua without going through blue or green. I think the best I can do is drop the saturation as blue goes into aqua, then start bringing up the reds and greens to yellow, but programatically this would not be fun at all.

Just weird to think that all this time I've never seen blue fade into yellow without becoming green or red first.

You need to look up colour models. There are various methods of describing a colour, RGB, HSV, And so on. All you do is to have the coordinates of the start and end colours, divide the distance between the two into any number of steps, but the same for each axis, and then increment each axis to get your fade.

With some colour have a colour either side of the grey line, and if you do it fades through that, otherwise there is always a path between two colours.