FastLED change LED strip type and RGB order in run time

Hello everyone, I have made a nice Android App to work with addressable RGB strips which implements a color wheel, LED modes, and many other options, the App directly communicates with an ESP32 access point which i have in hidden mode, I am using both cores on the ESP32 so that i can run the networking on one core to collect the data and running the RGB LED modes for the connected strips on the other core.

Now my issue is that in my app, like many others i have included an option to change the RGB order and LED type such as WS2811 and WS2812B but the constructor only excepts constant variables for both and after researching i find that the type and RGB order are not changed at run time, has anyone overcome this issue? as i can only think to save the users option and reboot the ESP32 then check the constructor to use by an ugly if statement, by doing that i would have to reboot the ESP32 and thus lose the network connection and to that, can i reset the esp32 with a command like the 8266 ?

Many thanks for you advance
From Edd.