FastLED help WS2812B fade between colours

so got my arduino Uno today and for my first project I'm tinkering with WS2812B LED strips, now what I want to do is fade between two RGB values using as simple a code as possible using fastLED, I believe this is called fade in the fastLED library but how do I use this to go from "243,233,229" to "245,68,0" over the course of a minute.

thank you in advance, Adam

You calculate the number of steps for each colour and multiply them to get a total number of steps.

Divide your 1 minute by the number of steps to get the duration for each step.

Now every time that the duration has lapsed, change the colour by one step.

In its simplest way, you can use nested for loops and delay()/delayMicroseconds() to change the colours.

If this is your first venture into programming, I suggest that you put your project on the backburner and first learn the basics of programming by looking at IDE examples and having some fun with them.