FastLED library does not work with Web editor

I can't get the FastLED library to work with the web editor. It works with the desktop IDE.

I imported the current version of the FastLED library to the web editor.
Releases are hosted at:
Releases · FastLED/FastLED · GitHub

I have verified that the web editor can download the standard Arduino Blink sketch to my board.

But when I try to use the web editor and download the Blink sketch included with FastLED, the web editor verifies the code but doesn't upload it. No other example sketch from FastLED works, either.

This works the same way in Firefox and Chrome.

Yes it does but it needs a small modification.

Line 17 on the fastLED.H file needs to be remarked out " // "

Its a very easy fix and hopefully the dev team will overcome that minor issue too as well.
It has also been documented on the fastled GIT as well.

It should read

 //#    pragma message "FastLED version 3.001.003"

You can download notepad++ to do it.

Or use the one attached here and over write yours.

FastLED.h (29.6 KB)

Hi @Jeff Haas,
thank for your report!

Since FastLED is working as is on the desktop IDE we also made a fix on the Builder and it will compile without changing anything also on the Web IDE. The fix is ready, we will deploy it in the next few days.

Wow, thanks for the quick response! I'll check the web IDE in a few days.