Fastled library

high there.

I have been reading a bit about Fastled library for Arduino IDE. What I cannot find is if the library is supported by SAMD51 boards. They say it is supported by some ARM boards, but no mention of SAMD21 or 51 boards.

I get an error when after installing FastLED 3.3.0 and running an example program:

Using library FastLED at version 3.3.3 in folder: /home/pi/Arduino/libraries/FastLED
exit status 1
Error compiling for board Adafruit Metro M4 (SAMD51).

Am I correct in that this library does not appear to support SAMD51 board?


The documentation says it is compatible with Arduino Zero, which is samd21 based. Samd51 is not explicitly mentioned there.

As FASTLED is hosted on, the next step is to search there for issues, pull requests etc. Look here: Issues · FastLED/FastLED · GitHub

The partial error message you posted is not very helpful, we cannot tell from that if the problem is with the library or with your code. Please post the full message window output from the ide, in code tags.