FastTrig Library

I've been experimenting with some math and felt a need for a faster trig function. I found some code online and bundled it into a nice library that should be easy enough to use and decided to share it with the world. The biggest issue is it uses degrees, not radians (like in the standard functions with Arduino). I may add a radian --> degree converter (and vice versa) later.

Here is the accuracy of the lookup tables:

Sin 15:
 - Standard [RAD]: 0.6503
 - Fast [DEG]: 0.2588
Cos 15: 
 - Standard [RAD]: -0.7597
 - Fast [DEG]: 0.9659
Acos .15: 
 - Standard [RAD]: 1.4202
 - Fast [RAD]: 1.4230
Atan2 5, 5: 
 - Standard [RAD]: 0.7854
 - Fast [RAD]: 0.7823

For those who want it: Code on Github

do you have timing too?

check my sin() optimization experiments - -