Father's Day Shopping

For that matter- shopping for any holiday, birthday or what-have-you, the family and (most) of my friends end up coming to me with “Hey is there anything you want for xxxx?” Of course there are a ton of things I’d like, but a solid 98% of them aren’t something you get at the local Bed Bath and Beyond. Well, to be honest, I’ve never actually entered the Beyond part, I figure that I’m just not THAT desperate for Garfield hand towels, you know? Not the cartoon cat. James Garfield, the first Left-Handed president of the USA. He also authored a proof for the Pythagorean Theorem which was published in 1940. Just try and find the hand towels… But maybe I’ve gotten off topic.

We tend to be hard to shop for, I guess, as the things we want are frequently things that immediately glaze over the general populace’s eyes. Even before we finish saying what it is, much less explaining what it does. So, I tend to get a lot of Home Depot cards, which is cool, because something always is breaking around the house. Once in while, it’s even not me that broke it.

However, as Father’s Day comes into view, those questions arise again. As we tinkerers tend to be of the same ilk in this respect, and a reasonable percentage have procreated (thereby making them valid Father’s Day Gift recipients), have any of you had any particularly good recommendations to point folks at… or are we doomed to yet another round of Home Depot cards, really bad slippers, and ties? (Though I haven’t worn a tie in years…)

If you examine the picture above, you’ll notice that James Garfield didn’t wear one either. Just another reason to like the guy. It does look suspiciously like there may be a Cravat or something though, which puts him in the “Freddie” from Scoobie Doo crowd, deserving only disdain and mockery. Seriously, the guy needs a good hard smack upside the noggin. He’s like that rich VanDersloot kid, you just KNOW he’s doing something evil that daddy is going to have to buy him out of. I’m just saying. Hmm.

I thought about Sparkfun gift certificate, but that’s kind of limiting. Dunno… just a-rambling… waiting for an electrical inspector who’s not a big fan of mine… I’m fairly certain that “Gives him the Heebie Jeebies” isn’t an actual professional opinion, but I must admit to not being a certified inspector.

Cash always works for me...

My GF loves online shopping, so I give her a bunch of links and that's it. She'll think of something.

And by the way, Van der Sloot's daddy is dead, so no more buying out for him.

In kit form of course.