Faulhaber engines with encoder with Arduino control

Hello everyone.
Is it possible to control these engines
That come with this encoder
With Arduino controller without problems?
Thank you :slight_smile:

Yes! You can get it to work flawlessly or with a lot of problems this is totally dependent on your engineering and design skills. Please post your tentative hardware design complete with links and showing all power and ground connections. A frizzy drawing does not count, like many others I will not burn time on them, they are only a connection diagram at best.

Indeed, a simple PID motor control system is doable - you'll need an interrupt-driven encoder
library to track the encoder position, and then implement a PID loop using a PID library to
derive the drive level/direction to pass on to a suitable motor driver. Note that a 60W
motor will have a large stall current, and the motor driver must be able to survive such
current levels or you'll simply pop your driver the first time you connect it (assuming a
powerful enough power supply).

If the power supply isn't powerful enough you have the risk of the supply cutting out on
the stall current pulse, reseting the motor driver, and leading to rapid on-off tripping of the

Batteries make great motor supplies as they fail gracefully and allow regenerative braking

What are you trying to actually do though? Just in case we're in xyproblem territory.

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