Faulty Nextion display

Confirming I have a few Nextion 7inch capacitative touch HMI’s. I have one that’s about 14 months old & has been mounted on a wall. It has suddenly/recently/& randomly started to “ghost touch”. I’ve no idea what the problem is. I’m expecting it to be a hardware issue with screen. It’s out of warranty I guess, so I’ve ordered another one to replace it. I would like to know the root cause though, and if there is a component that can be replaced to fix it. Failing a hardware repair, a software enabled sensitivity setting for reducing the capacitative touch sensitivity would be good too.

Hello Charles,
I have asked the moderator to move your question as it really should be on its own thread, not on the end of someone else's. I will reply when moved.
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Thank you moderator.

Charles, while this was being moved I checked something. I was going to tell you how to re-calibrate the touch sensitivity, however, having checked I see that touch_j only works on the resistive panel, not the capacitive one.

Is it possible dirt or moisture could have got inside the panel? Moisture in particular will cause problems. There are screws on the back, you can take it apart to clean it (nothing to lose if it's already faulty).

I have 2 CPTs, one mounted on a wall, one on my bench for experimenting, both have worked flawlessly (so far...).