Favorite button?


So ever since I started here, I've had threads that I thought important. The thing is I would have the hardest time finding them. Lately I've just not been reading them when there is a new post or marking it as unread. And even then, I have to post in the thread in order to get it in my replies dealio.

I think it would be really nice if there was just a "favorite" button and have it saved into our account as a favorite thread. That way, we wouldn't have to have "bump" posts in threads that are meaningless to the actual question in that thread. And it would be much easier for users to find important threads again.

why not just bookmark them in your browser with the keywords you like?
Typing in the keywords in the address bar will popup the URL.

I asked about this when the new forum started and was advised to use the notify button. This keeps you up to date on any later postings and provides a way to find threads you're interested in.


The notify button only triggers when somebody posts.
The favorite button concept is just, you have it stored in a list and its there. Easy to go back to if needed.

You also have a list of notified posts in your user area. I agree it would be nice to have but as a workaround it's not bad.

As I mentioned, I did ask when this forum was created for a favourites button. This was a feature of the old forum but was told to use the notify button.