Favorite general hobby electronics forum?

I love this forum for Arduino stuff, and occasionally ask general hobby electronics questions here (i.e. “can someone suggest an IC for a certain purpose?”)

However I’m interested in branching out and finding a good generic electronics hobby forum. Anyone have any ideas?

well not an active one but maybe an idea

last year a guy on instructables started one pcbpolice.com, anyway it never really took of then it got eaten up by bots, and he gave up

I had not been there for a year, but someone else took it over and has it running clean, still no activity since october of 2009

so there is a forum setup for general electronics yap that is not being used that could be a decent place to seed a community ;D

Currently down for some reason, though - but has been around for a long time…


JCW on http://jeelabs.org/ posts some really good info on is site. He makes an awesome low power wireless 'duino clone and a ton of modules for it. Even if you’re not using his board his forum and blog are always full of good general info. There’s a power supply 101 type :)post on there this week that is pretty dang good.