Favorite place to shop for enclosures?

Hello all,

I'm getting to the point in my project where I'm ready to move my prototype to a circuitboard, and house the board in an enclosure. I'm still fairly new to this so I wanted to seek some advice from some more versed individuals in this area.

  1. Any specific online retailers you like to visit/shop at for final product cases to house your circuitboard and switches.

  2. How do you secure the circuitboard into the actual enclosure? Is it soldered into place? Screwed?

  3. What do you guys prefer for cutting holes into the enclosure to allow potentiometer knobs / buttons to stick out of the case?

  4. One that is boggling me, what's the standard procedure for mounting a potentiometer to the side of the case (on the inside), so that the button sits flush against an edge of the case and sticks out? I assume soldering won't cut it?

Can anyone point me in the direction of a useful resource I can read up on in this area?

Thank you all!

Potentiometer , show a pic.

Mounting is normally drilling screwing glueing etc.

Google on electronic enclosures will find a huge no of possibilities.

Staples, OfficeMax.
Really Useful Boxes. Very easy to work with. All kinds of sizes.
Screw boards into place using screw/nuts/nylon standoffs/spacers (or aluminum if have available}, use panel mount pots, connectors, etc.

www.Pololu.com has large selection of nylon spaces and aluminum standoffs.
4-40 or 6-32 hardware.