Favorite topics

Hi all,

May be it could be interesting to have something like favorite topics where each registers user could select those topics in which they are interested on.

This is because when i check the new topics every few days, sometimes i found interestings topics that could be usefull to my in future proyects. But when i go ahead to this topics some weeks or months later, i need to checks again cents of topics at different sections or some tens when i remember the keywords to search in the forum...

So to have a way to select my favorite topics could be great toguether with a way to see the list of my favorite topics.

what do you thing guys?

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Have you looked in that little menu bar above posts?

Great!! I didnĀ“t see it... thanks!


to what?

to what?

Haha! Looks like he/she was just trying to get in their first post.

ok whatever, people please, you can enter your first post and go back and edit it for links and whatnot

no need to constantly necropost irrelevant litter all over the place