fc-51 IR range sensor, Only one range??

So, the rangefinder listed only detects when an object is within the range set by a screw on the board. ??

Is there a way to make the module detect range similar to the detection of a sonar range-finder??

I am considering using the module instead,, to detect the range from a quadruped robots foot to the ground. It could be fitted one module per front leg, then It could be used to detect the ground for possible foot locations, and then store locations for both front AND rear feet (within a gate algorithm). It might scan around until required data is collected, and place the front foot. Are there any popular examples of this sort of gait planning in arduino codes? Any good videos of examples?

obviously the project imagined is much more advanced than any of my current successes. I would love to see examples of any sort of stored range data. I am hoping to learn how to translate data onto a "world coordinate map", and although at a glance it doesn't look like so much to learn,, I haven't even figured out simple rotation matrices. I would love beginner examples!