FCC Certification Reuse

Am I able to reuse the FCC certification for my product that is already certified for the ublox modem? What situations can I not reuse the FCC certification if the Arduino GSM 1400 is in my project for cellular connection.


Sorry but no. Even if you change the colour of an LED the whole product needs to be retested. It sounds like the changes you have are a lot more than a simple LED colour.

Even if I do not change anything on the Arduino and just use the MKR 1400 as a shield almost?

Have you asked the laboratory that did the original certification?

I asked an Arduino help contact and they said as long as the board is a sub-component of the project and is not modified in any way then I can reuse the FCC certificate.

How much money do you have resting on their opinion?

This is not true. The system as a whole needs to be tested. I used to have to drive these sorts of regulations for a living.

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