FCC RF transmitter and Receiver to control a DC motor speed

Does anyone know of a cheap RF transmitter and Receiver to control the speed of a DC motor? It needs to have FCC compliant/certified.

That's very vague specs - range? waveband? supply voltage?

There are a ton of cheap 315 and 433MHz RF units out there, they operate in the "unlicensed" band which no longer requires FCC type acceptance for the hardware, but they do still require conformance testing to satisfy FCC part 15 rules (intentional radiator for Tx, unintentional radiator for Rx). I suspect few to none of them are actually tested by the makers or vendors though. If they are, they sure don't advertise it. So, if you purchase some and pay to have your own conformance testing done on them at a certified test house, they'd be legal (assuming they passed).

I checked on the popular nRF24L01 2.4GHz units, but I can't find any info on whether or not they undergo conformance testing?

I need to support either 12V DC or 24V DC. I only need to it to work with in 10 feet or more. The problem is finding one. I found a bunch of polarity changing remote devices but none that can control the speed of a motor. I know there are some LED dimmers that will work but they are from china and are not FCC certified.

How about an off-the-shelf R/C Tx/Rx pair, like the ones used for R/C aircraft and cars? Anything off-the-shelf should be FCC approved, should have the logo right on the back of the unit.

You could probably drive the Tx with digital pot instead of the joystick.

Its a nice idea, but I think you'll find the FCC rules on standard RC equipement preclude its permanent installation (there are only a very few channels). I don't think I've heard of an off-the shelf solution, but how about this:

A multi channel button-push transmitter (there are chipsets for 4 button remote controls that can drive IR or RF transmitters with a pulse-code stream, and matched receivers that output logic signals at receiving end.

Microcontroller with motor-controller uses one of the lines as a speed increment signal, another as a speed decrement signal - so you have a two-button up-down speed control remote?

For instance I've got a main-socket remote control (RF) that uses an SC2262 to drive a 343MHz OOK transmitter. I think the corresponding demodulator chip is the SC2272.

I actually did look at the remote control receivers for cars and boats.

Although they seem to be for brushless motors and my motor is brushed. Plus I'm not sure how to interface a small 2 button remote to it.

Do you have a link or something to what you are talking about? A two button remote is all I need. Like the small remotes for your car. How ever I need to support at at least 5amp.