FDTI Driver and Snow Leopard

Hi there. Is anyone else running Snow Leopard? I can't get the FTDI Drivers 2.1.10 running. Guess this is a 64bit issue, since the diver is a kernel extension and build for 32bit...

Anyone got an idea on how to solve this issue?


answering the question myself... 32bit isn't a problem.

if install fails install the kext manually. right click the FTDI installer package and view contents. unzip Archive.pax.gz Install the System/Library/Extensions/FTDI....kext using "KExt Helper"

-> http://cheetha.net/

attention: after installing the FTDI kext using kext helper and rebooting afterwards, every application i started crashed instantly. so i removed the FTDI kext again and rebooted. problem disappeared... so be carefull...

I don't understand the roles of the FDTI chip and the ICSP. Thank you

Excuse me for my english

I don't understand the roles of the FDTI chip and the ICSP. Thank you

There are several ways that a Atmel avr mega processor can be programmed. One is via ICSP (In-Circuit Serial Programming), but requires an external hardware programmer. The Arduino doesn't directly support (well it does, but requires IDE modifications) that method but does have the 6 pin ICSP pins to allow connecting to such an external programmer.

The Arduino normally uses a different method of programming the chip. It utilizes a program that is preloaded and protected (burned) into the chip's highest memory location and is normally called the 'bootloader'. This program communicates to an attached PC using the hardware uart built into the AVR chip and wired to pins 0 and 1 of the Arduino board. FTDI is just the name of the company that makes the USB serial convertor chip also on the standard (pre-Uno boards which now use an additional Atmel chip instead) Arduino boards and wires to pins 0 & 1 of the AVR chip.