FE1.1s USB hub crystal's capacitance

I'm wondering if anyone has data sheet showing how to choose crystal for FE1.1s USB hub IC. The only one I found was on adafruit's website and has no mention of what crystal capacitance should be.


I've dealt with issues of crystal capacitance on the MAX3421E USB host IC so I'm wary of choosing a random 12MHz crystal. I have a number of them with different capacitance values and not all of them seem to work with MAX3421E.

Choose the crystal, and use it's datasheet to choose the capacitors.

I found a more recent data sheet. 16-20pF load capacitance. ESR is not listed. The "load" capacitors or coupling capacitors are integrated. I'm very tempted to just try it. The alternative I found, TUSB2046B is a mess. Everything is external, dozens of resistors and caps.