feasability: android 2.1. and arduino usb

I have a Chinese Android tablet pc with 2.1. Android installed. I need to command motors from, but well, ADK will work from Android 3 and further, as long as I know. I even could not connect enc28j60 to it (it works ok with my router, but when connected to Android ethernet jack, even the green LED not goes on).

I thought may be it could be possible to use VNC2-64L1B from FTDI, I didn’t find there specification that targets Android version, on FTDI site.

Could anyone give some suggestion, if vnc2 could work, or if enc28j60 may be put to work or any other solution for a simple connection to command motors from Android please?

What would the Arduino be doing? Sitting on the sidelines watching?

ADK will work

What ADK?

I even could not connect enc28j60 to it

To what?

any other solution for a simple connection to command motors from Android please?

Use the Android to push some switches connected to the Arduino that's sitting over there doing nothing.

Sitting on the sidelines watching?

Thanks Paul, really I didn't write accurate this time sorry :D

Well, I'll give a use case here

I want to send command from a client by wifi to Android tablet pc with Android 2.1., then pass it to Arduino via Ethernet or USB connection, from there to motor controller, and read sensors from Arduino into Android and back via wifi to the client when that is asked.

I first completed enc28j60 and tested it between pc and Arduino, it worked. Then I replaced pc with Android, but the Ethernet connection not found. Probably my Android can't recognize enc28j60.

I googled about Android and enc28j60 and couldn't answer, so I wrote about it to this forum and waiting. While waiting I decided to try USB, but for that I needed the MAX3421E (to use standard libs available) which I can't buy it locally, and on eBay also found for strange price (22$ for 1 pcs), probably discontinued.

All of these leaded me to ADB, but then anyway I'll need a USB host shield, so I thought to make it using vnc2 (and write lib for, o.m.g.), but well it is a complete MCU and no need for Arduino, but then can't use the wealth of Arduino ready libs, which is not where I want to go.

So I want to remain with Arduino, use a USB host, and have to either find out how make Ethernet connection between Arduino and Android, or find out a better solution for USB (I would like to CNC machine all my PCBs so buying a shield is not my option).

Please if I'm still not clear let me know and suggest a solution if possible :D