Feasability - Camera & LED "TV"

What I envisage:

  • An array of 32x32 or 64x64 leds which obviously would need to be individually addressable.

  • RGB awesome but monochrome LED array acceptable.

  • 'Display' size of about 300x300mm

  • A low resolution camera (obviously doesn't need to be greater than 64x64).

The objective:

'Live' transmit the feed from the camera onto the array so that a face is recognisable as a face (but of course given the lo-res not a 'particular' face).


Steampunk project, also why not ?!

So firstly is this possible and if so, any guidance as to how to go about it and what parts would be suitable/ideal would be VERY welcome.

Thank you :slight_smile:

Rather than an array of LEDs, why not just a strip, and do a POV display, obviously driven by a steam engine or clockwork?

I had considered that idea but thought it would be even harder to do and achieve sufficient resolution.

If it's possible then I am absolutely up for that idea.

While there is a lot of POV info out there, there's nothing I could find similar to my requirement....

You can't do that with a Uno but if you go on the teensey web site they have just such a project.

Thanks. never heard of teensey before either !