Feasability Check: Motorizing a resin model

Hey everyone, new guy here. I'm normally a miniatures wargamer who likes to take on crazy projects as the mood strikes. I'm getting into Arduino because I want to add servos to this guy right here: https://www.forgeworld.co.uk/en-EU/mars-pattern-warlord-titan-body

It's about a 2 foot tall resin model, with a completely hollow torso. What I want to do is add Arduino and a Bluetooth controller (and probably power supply) into the torso, and motorize the two arms, two shoulder weapons, the head, and the torso for a total of six servos.

Limiting factors: I've never done this before. I've got an Arduino Uno starter kit on the way to get myself some education on the system, and I don't plan to start on this until next year, but I would love to hear from anyone who's tried something similar. Thanks!

See if your servos fit in the model, and how they would fit, and if they can provide the motion you want. Make sure they're strong enough as well to perform the movement - a shoulder servo will have to move the arm plus the servo in the elbow.
Get one servo to work. Should be easy. Remember to separate power supply from the servo(s) from your Arduino.
Then get them all to work at the same time: each following a different sweep/pattern. You'll find this is A LOT harder already.
Now you got a hang of controlling the servos, start thinking actually building them into your model, and wire them up.
Then test each one of them, figure out (and write down) what angle gives what movement: directions, limits.
Now the fun part: make one or more programs for movement. This is where the fun begins. Think of how you want to control them: what commands it should receive, what it should do. Individual controls (move head, move arm) or complete pattern (dance the boogie, perform a Bruce Lee style kick).
Finally attache the bluetooth part, so it can receive these commands. It is easiest if you can reduce all commands to a single byte (giving you 256 individual commands). Otherwise you have to use multi-byte commands and deal with start/stop markers.

That's great advice to start with, thanks very much!

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