Feasable? Control a VCR by removing the IR and connecting an arduino directly.

I'm looking to control an old VCR player and use the basic controls (play, stop, eject). My first thought was to wire up each button on the VCR control panel to an arduino, but then I discovered an IR receiver was present.

Would it be possible to just remove the IR receiver and have the arduino send commands to the VCR over plain wires instead? If so what would I need to do to make it work? Could it be as simple as using a IR transmit sketch for the software and some soldering of wires for the hardware?

I know just using an IR transmitter would be easy but for this project not using IR would be ideal.

Do you know the codes that need to be transmitted by IR?

If you know the codes it should be reasonably simple to replace the IR link with wires. You may need to use opto-couplers in case the VCR and the Arduino voltages are incompatible. It would also isolate the Arduino from mains voltages. (Which reminds me, an IR link is an opto-coupler).

If you don't know I don't see how you can replace the IR receiver with wires.

On the VCR the IR codes are converted into commands to make things happen. It might (???) be possible to bypass all of the IR interpretation stuff and have the Arduino replicate the output of the IR Receiver.

It would probably be simplest to use the Arduino to operate the controls directly as you originally surmised.


you can use IRrecvDemo for reading the remote part ,, then you use these codes in the arduino to transmit you ad a smal 2 wired IR led next to the IR rx ,, and start building your tool ,, if you have multiple video stations ,, and al same video's you have to use different adresses to the IR output LED's because they wil al responde to the ir led ,, so video one is rec ,, then output LED 1 = sendcode rec to video one ,, something like this ,,you can also take of the rx led , and use cable to send the code true cable , true the ir rx ,, this is also posible ,

I know just using an IR transmitter would be easy but for this project not using IR would be ideal.

Why? Maybe another way to do it?