Feasibility assessment, arduino uno + GSM

Hello everyone.

I am currently about to start hacking away at an idea of mine, and I am wondering if I could get some inputs on my idea. First and foremost, I am thinking of creating a system that can be interacted with via SMS through a GSM shield for the Arduino Uno.

The thing is, I've been reading various posts on this subject, and they all leave me with more questions than they answer. Anyway, I am starting to digress, so here's my questions:

  • Seing that I will communicate and interact with this system through SMS, am I correct in assuming that a 2G GSM connection is sufficient?
  • I see various forum posts stating that there are issues with having a 3G or 4G SIM card plugged into a 2G GSM shield. As far as I understand the 3G/4G standards, these will fall back to 2G if no 3G/4G network is available, but does this allow for me to input a 4G SIM into a 2G GSM slot and get this thing to work?
  • The specific geographic location this system will operate in, is somewhere in Norway. Does anyone have any experience dealing with the ridiculous norwegian teleoperators in regards to getting SIM cards that work with a 2G GSM shield?

I'm looking forward to replies. Please, I beg you, do not let my username fool you, I am sincere.