Feasibility: BIG Clock / Timer with IR Remote

Hi everyone! I'm trying to develop a project that should be doable for a hobbyst like me, playing with a UNO board. The goal is to have a clock and countdown timer, for hours/minutes/second, to be used at sporting events at our local club, that can be controled with a cheap universal remote.

For the clock part, I've been successfully experimenting with the DS1307, and found enough code to manage it. Having a countdown timer seems no great deal starting with this. For the BIG display I was looking at this Sparkfun tutorial: http://www.sparkfun.com/tutorials/47 Seems that by using the shift-out registers (74HC595) and the Darlington Arrays (ULN2003), enough power can be controled. I'm plannig to use somo led sticks/bars, that have 5 piranha leds, and use 12V 50mA. So that's enough for the display electronics.

For the remote, I've seen many libraries that already solve the problem. I don't know if the interrupt calls and timers they use would affect the precission of the Clock/Timer. I guess it shouldn't, but I'm no expert.

What else should I take into consideration?


Thanks KE7GKP! You are right on the reliability issue. Using a hardwired keyboard will allow also to make a much simpler software.

Is it realy worth to connect the Square Wave output (set at 1Hz) from the DS1307 to an interrupt, as a way to not loose a second? Would that affect the remote reception?

The goal is to use this timer as a countdown, where 1 second precission is required. The timer will go sometimes from 1:45:00 to zero, and sometimes from 00:01:15 to zero, depending on the program chosen. When the countdown is not used, the device will show the current time and date.

As far as I've seen, the clock and the timer will run a loop that keeps updating the display, asking for values to the DS1307 every time. That might be overkill, and thats is where I came to the idea of using the 1Hz signal (just to make things more sophisticated 8) )