feasibility - connect a scale with 3 buttons to arduino giving bluetooth control

Greetings all,

I am a arduino newbie looking to see if what I’d like to do is even feasible.

I have Cabela’s digital big game scale that has three buttons with a few settings. We actually use it between an overhead lift and the sling to weigh someone who is paraplegic. So, I’d like to create an interface that both sends the weight data to her phone, and also allows her to use the settings button.

The buttons are On/Tare/Off, Hold (holds the current weight), and Measurement Unit (kg, stone, lb)

Is such a thing possible?

Many thanks!


Is such a thing possible?

Without a link to the device in question, who knows?

There isn't much info on the device itself.


Would it be easiest for me to pillage the load cell and build the interface from scratch?