Feasibility for stepper motor powered Stand Up Desk

Hi everyone,

I’m looking to build my first Arduino Project, and I would like to get some advice/help on where to start.

I have a standup desk at work, which is currently manually operated with a hand crank.
I want to use a stepper motor to automate this!

In the long term, I would like to hook this up to an API so I can access it through a web application.
Short term, a button to move the desk up and down!

I’ve attached a few photos of the desk.

Any help would be greatly appreciated! Questions encouraged!

Thanks heaps,

That's totally possible. There are tons of tutorials on the internet for how to control arduino through a web app. Try google. You'll need a wifi shield or an ethernet shield to connect to the internet, or a computer that is connected to the internet that can send signals via a serial interface to the arduino.

Cheers Delta_G!

Any ideas about stepper motors? I'm wondering how the power will work, although I'm unsure of the exact weight I know the desk top will be reasonably heavy. A friend suggested a gearbox, however I don't have a good idea where to start!

mechmate is a large format cnc router. it uses steppers with a geared head. very high quality design
a NEMA-23 triple stack geared stepper would handle your table. need a suitable driver.

You may find something useful in stepper motor basics.

You should also consider whether a simple geared DC motor driving a screw would be a simpler and cheaper option.