Feasibility of a: Color based Board-game with color cube pawns

This is a possible project for a school, a group of approx 12 (16yo) will work on it.
Design/manage/build of a Color(colour) based board game.

I’ve make a concept requirement/budget estimate of the base idea.
The final requirement will be written as ‘high’ as possible to give freedom to the students.

I’m looking for input on feasible idea’s , added features, cost cuts.
(ps. the students will not have access to this forum)

The game-board requirements:

  • A 6 x 6 identical squares
  • One square(tile) will be approx ~4x4cm or a bit larger
  • The board is made of a (milky) translucent plastic material
  • Each square is lit by an RGB led underneath (centered)
  • The colour of each square can be controlled individually
  • The functionality of the game board will be controlled by one Arduino
    Additional hardware may be added like multiplexers/shiftreg’s/…etc…
  • The board does not have to recognize a pawn or presence of pawn
  • Different game-play rules must up-loadable/selectable
  • The game board will be powered from a 18Volt/3.5Amp supply

On the board we use Pawns ‘game piece’
A pawn has the following requirements:

  • Shape /material is a milky translucent cube
  • Size equal to a board tile
  • The pawn has a defined bottom and top
  • The pawn can recognize colour of the board tile (bottom)
  • The colour of the board tile must shine through pawn cube towards sides
  • the pawn can emit an RGB colour on the topside
  • The pawn will be battery(rechargeable) powered 3.6V
  • Number of pawns one game-board is approx 16.
  • The functionality of a pawn is controlled by one Arduino
  • Custom PCB’s(32pcs) will be produced

Possible/optional idea’s/requirements:

  • Adding contact-less charging coils to Board and Pawn
  • Adding 4x RGB colour leds to the sides of the pawn
  • Data Communication between GameBoard/pawn by LED modulation
  • Use round or triagle board tiles/pawns instead of squares
  • Instead of making two pcs 6x6 board, make one 8x8 game-board
  • Add sound(bleep) or rumble-motor

Budget estimates:
Most of the target budget(~500Euro) (250,/piece) is going to production of mechanical parts because it has to look good.

Game board: ~180,-
100,- 2x gameboard + chassis/cabinet ( confirmed )
50,- 2x Arduino + proto solderboard. ( confirmed )
?30? 2x chips/caps/etc… ( not confirmed yet)

Game piece: ~320,-
130,- 32x pawn qube ( rough estimate by workshop)
100,- 32x pawn pcb’s 4x4cm ( confirmed )
20,- 32x ATtiny + ( confirmed )
?40? 32x color sensor, R’s/C’s/.etc. ( Not confirmed yet) , ColorSensor TCS34715/TCS34717/TCS34725 ~2$
32 32x battery (estimate)
?? charging pawns? ( Not confirmed yet !! ) <-problem

Already present and outside budget:

  • PowerSupply’s, RGB LED’s(5mm), required handtools, PC’s, scope, dmm, …
  • Small standard electronic components R’s C’s 7805’s swicthes, logic CMOS/ TTL , wire/cables , etc…

The budget is as always … not enough :slight_smile:

what sort of game do you intend to play ? Do you really need 32 "pawns" on your 6x6 game board ?

no the budget calculation is for two full sets , so 16 pawn / gameboard "- Number of pawns one game-board is approx 16."