Feasibility of Arduino Mega 2560 use inside 95% RH incubator @ 37°C?

I am interested in using an Arduino Mega 2560 inside of a 37°C, 95% humidity incubator to run some pumps for 7 days at a time. Since the temperature will be held at 37°C and the electronics will likely be slightly warmer from running, I would not expect any condensation on the Arduino.

Has anyone used an Arduino inside a high humidity incubator for extended periods? I cannot find any operating humidity information and am wondering if I need to enclose my Arduino in a sealed box or if I can just let it run exposed.

Thank you!

One thing about the Arduino is that when it is on, it is constantly working anyways. For example, if you have a delay of 1000 in your code, you might think you're giving the Arduino a break from its constant work, but in reality, it is working to count each millisecond until it hits 1000. It seems extremely efficient heatwise, and isn't easy to overheat. The temperature isn't too unreasonable, still under 100°F. Since condensation tends to happen on cooler surfaces and when the temperature is fluctuating, since the Arduino would have the same temperature as the room (slightly higher, even) I wouldn't expect it to happen to the Arduino.

The temperature is not going to be an issue, as long as you don't provide too high voltage to your Mega - the hottest part will be your regulator!

As to the humidity, It'd be best to protect it somehow. (Well, I wouldn't normally worry about it, but incubator can be classified as a life support system, so it has to be designed accordingly). Putting it into a coffee dose, sealing the outgoing cable holes with a hot glue and throwing a silicagel package or two in it should do the trick.

I have previously used hot glue to seal a hole in plastic, through which I was running some cables, to protect Tiny85 in an underwater environment. Not the best practice, but it works.

Spray the board with Conformal Coat. Cover all the connectors first.

Thank you all for your suggestions!