Feasibility of connecting a flight simulator joystick to an Arduino Mega 2560

I am reconstructing a flight simulator and I am trying to determine if I am able to connect the T.Flight Hotas Joystick USB directly to an Arduino Mega 2560. In theory, the USB joystick would connect to an Arduino which would control the output of compressed air through the use of valves to move the chair. This system has worked before through the use of VR by having the flight system joystick connected directly to a computer which would then relay movement to the Arduino. Instead of this old method, I am trying to make the system work independently without out the use of VR and the computer. The goal is to just to be able to move the joysticks and have the seat move around. Let me know if you have any ideas! Thanks!

Flight Controller.jpg

IMG_1001 (1).JPG

Won't work. Joystich is USB-device, Atmega is nothing on USB (usb->serial is extra chip). You need a USB-host to connect the joystick to. Try an RPi, it will work.