feasibility of idea for DIY quadcopter.

Disclaimer: sorry for bad english and also for bad handwriting.i have no coding experiance.i just want to hear from you people all about my idea and its possibility.

Enough disclaimer,i have quadcopter idea.there two ways A and B for achiving my idea.

i want to ask which way to go A or B?
which works and which not work?
nrf24l01 can handle this with accuracy and upto range of 700m in idea B?
which is more cost effective A or B?

Ask for more details if you wont.dont ask for codes because i dont have.

answering above question you need to ignor arrows they are just for interpretation.serial telementry is two way which means it can transmit and receive data from way point application with flight controller(STM32).

The nRF24L01+ is very easy to work with and if you use a high power module (with external antenna) for the base station the range should be no problem. As far as I know some of the commercial R/C systems use nRF24 modules internally.

Simple nRF24L01+ Tutorial

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