Feasibility of project, please help: Arduino + Datalogging + RFID Reader + XBee?

I would appreciate general guidance and opinions on the feasibility of a project. I am new to Arduino and still learning :confused:

Goal of the project: Portable battery powered Ardiuno housed in water & dust proof container doing the following: Read implanted RFID tags @ minimum 10cm and maximum 20cm distance when tags come into range. Datalog this with time-stamp and ID. Transfer the stored data via Xbee to a PC when Arduino comes within range of Xbee connected to PC.

Hardware: Ardiuno Uno R3. Adafruit Datalogging shield for Arduino. Adafruit PN532 NFC/RFID Controller Shield for Arduino. Arduino Xbee Shield V1.1. Sparkfun Xbee Explorer USB. 2 x XBees.

Am I considering the correct hardware?
Can I stack these 3 shield on one Arduino?

Thanks :slight_smile:

Also, if this is possible. How energy intensive would this combination of shields and arduino be?