Feasibility of reading from Multiple MPU6050 chips

I am working on a rocker-bogie suspension (Rocker-bogie - Wikipedia) robot using an Arduino Mega as the micro-controller, and want to monitor the angles at which the different suspension members are at. I am using a MPU6050 chip and can successfully read the desired angles from a single chip. Now, I am working toward adding multiple of the same chip for all of the angles. I know that I can "change" the I2C address from 0x68 to 0x69 depending on connecting the AD0 pin to voltage or not. My question is would it be possible to connect multiple MPU 6050 and every time I want to read from one of them, I would change its address to 0x69 by connecting the AD0 pin to a digital pin and writing it HIGH. Consequentially, the other MPU 6050 ADO's would be connected to different digital pins and be written as LOW.

-Would this work? Any potential worries?

-If this won't work, what could I do to read from multiple I2C devices?

I am very much an amateur with little knowledge in I2C communication.

It is easy to do but bandwidth becomes the limiting factor due to the I2C bus speed.

The simple solution:

Thank you!!

Would this work? Any potential worries?

Yes, that is a standard approach; no worries. No need for an I2C multiplexer board.

Note that the muxer also does level shifting.
That might or might not be needed, depending on the MPU6050 module OP has.
All we know is that OP has a Mega (5volt logic).