Feasibility of RGB led strip (matrix) control by phone via blutooth

Hi, I’m a real beginner here. I had never heard of arduino before (since I’ve never been good at electronics) until my friend told me I should look into arduino if i want the project to succeed.
Have anyone heard of SEIL bag (http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1372886898/seil-bag-by-leemyungsu-design-lab)
I was thinking about making this device by myself(I tried to purchase it) .
The idea is using 5050 RGB LED strip to replace the led display, arduino as the controller and connected with mobile via bluetooth but with more option of color and animation.
Programing (or anything involves technology) is definitely not my expertise, but I really want to make this for my sister.
I really would like to know that is there any possibility that this project can work with arduino, or is there any other method i should turn to?

Sorry for the bad english :cold_sweat:, I’m not a native speaker.

Like this (I had the same idea !) ? :

MSBC (Mike Seil Bag Clone)