Feasibility of the project

Hi everyone,

I have decided to use Arduino uno/mega for my project along with following motors and motor shield:

Motors details:

1) http://www.andymark.com/product-p/am-2971.htm

2) https://www.pololu.com/product/1447/specs

Motor shield deatils: (I have the following motor shield as it is compatible with arduino)

• Low-cost robust H-bridge ''shield'' for Arduino • Provides the ability to control up to 30A of current at up to 28V • Supply voltage: 5V to 28V (24V max battery rating) • Continuous output current: 13A

I would like to control speed and current of the motor.

Is it feasible. I don't want to fry any of the stuff.

I also wanted to ask about stacking of the motor shield. I mean when stacked they all will be using the same arduino pins? Will i be able to control them independently ?? Or do I need to make changes in the connections??

Thank you.

Not with that motor shield. Look at the specs of the motor, particularly the maximum current they can draw, as well as normal operating current under load (which will be somewhere between no load and stall current) - and compare that to the shield. Shield will handle 1A max, but the motors can pull up to 22 and 5 amps respectively.

Thank you for your reply. It can provide 13 A of continuous current and a peak current of 30 Amp. That's what is given in the description provided for the motor shield.

Oh, well then, that should work. It's a lot of power, so you have to give some thought to dealing with the high current.

I got tripped up by the text of the link (which suggests 1A), and the presence of oodles of ~1A motor drivers on the market. That's a very beefy motor shield, as well it should be at that price.

As for stacking shields, it looks like they have jumpers to configure which pins it uses. That's what most smaller motor shields do too.