Feasibility the project?

I have a school project to do where a total of two hobby grade RC cars are considered.

Each car needs to report its voltage to a central station where it is hooked up with a display and led lights. The station display indicates the two voltages and each has a buzzer attached to it when it falls below the threshold would sound the buzzer.

What sort of communicating channels is feasible? The board should be as small as possible.


What does the wireless environment looks like (WiFi available?)? Distance?
Board close to the motors? Is power an issue?…

The project soundss quite feasible

I would suggest using ESP32 boards and ESP-NOW which is available as standard on the ESP32

Yes area is covered by WiFi in a room 10x10 meters. The board will be installed inside the RC car, battery is Lipo rated 12.6V on full charge, and the station in the middle of the room will be supplied by constant power.

ESP 32 would be using TCP, UDP or which type of channel is best?

We tried experimenting UDP for a basic project it seems it could not transmit values, only packet size

how often do you need to report?
what's the central station expecting in terms of protocol? (is there already an API you must conform to?)

Report at least every 1 min. There is no API existing station

I know you like the ESP32, but any ESP board would work here.


Of course it can transmit values - NTP time sync wouldn't work without it. I think the example sketches even transmit values...