feasibility, Thought/idea printer

Hello, I am an artist who is new to Arduino. (I have been using Little Bits, most recently creating a sound machine, to play field recordings for a project).

What I would like to create is a coin operated prompt/idea printer. You put in a coin, press a button and the machine prints out a prompt/assignment/quote pulled randomly from an existing list of items.

I am wondering if this is something a newbie would be able to accomplish fairly easily, (I see there is a thermal printer available). What about the coin operated part?

any help would be greatly appreciated! best, alice

Coin accepters can be purchased. They're a little pricey.

You do not want to attempt to build the coin accepter yourself.

Take a look at how nasty the interface for the thermal printer device is - I haven't looked into it. That will likely be the most complicated part.

Alice, I wonder if a raspberry pi zero might be a better device for your project. You might find a thermal printer with a USB interface. And the pi could deal with a large database of ideas/quotes more easily than an Arduino. If you get an rpi zero W, maybe you could access some very large databases on the interweb.

PaulRB, thank you for that info! I am going to go look into raspberry pie zero, it would be cool to be able to add things to the database when I need to.