Feasibility with my current knowledge:Electric Skateboard

Currently I am junior in college as an civil engineering major. I took a computer engineering class for fun, and I enjoyed it.

I was wondering if the community can tell me if it is realistic for me to create an electric skateboard in a month during winter break?

I was researching and I think the hardest part for me would be the mechanical part of buying gears and connecting the pieces. I am confident in programming, but iffy in creating a circuit.

Knowledge that I think is related is below:

CMPE Class: - C coding - Final project was to control led strips with ardunio and use sensors to create something

Classes taken that might be related -classic mechanics -electricity/magnetism -intro robotic class -Solid works

If you don't think it is plausible for me, is there a project that you can think of to help me build up to that point?

Thank you and I appreciate any advice

Realistic? Depends on how much time you put into it and your level of knowledge of electronics and programming.

Do you know how to use PWM? What power source are you using? How are you going to control the speed?

Given enough resources, anything is possible.


Checkout DIY Electric Skateboard. You can purchase a mechanical kit to convert an electric longboard.

You need mechanical components and electrical components.

There is also a Wiiceiver to interface a Nyko Kama with your electric skateboard setup based on Arduino. You can also find it available on Wiiceiver github.

Mechanical Components - Motor Mount, Drive Train (Drive Wheel, Motor Pulley, Belt). Electrical Components - ESC Speed Controller, Motor, Batteries, RC/Wiiceiver Transmitter.

Hope this helps.

I do know how to use PWN, and I was thinking that would be how you control the speed.

I was planning on following Alien Power System guideline or some other instruction article and adjust as I go to buy what I need. I will definitively do more research before committing. Once finals are over, I am willing to put in hours to research and work on the project every day. I was just wondering if it was a realistic project or not. Also, I wanted this to be a learning process instead of just a step by step guide of telling me everything I need to do.

If curious, the link to the walk through is below http://www.aliendrivesystems.com/set-up-tips--walkthroughs.html

I will for sure check those links out relentlessaction.

Thank you

Why not give this info at the beginning? Knowing this project will use existing parts and designs and I would have to say yes to the original question.