Feasibilty of Using SOIC components for Small Run of Prototypes (ATTiny84A-SSUR)

I want to use the ATTiny84A chip in a run of about 100 prototypes (field/endurance testing).
I will have a very basic PCB board designed… roughly 1.5" X 2".
Connections for 5 3mm LEDs on the pcb… and a 5v DC Plug Jack @ 5.5mm and an RJ45 90deg Header.
Will use vertical spacers for the 5 3mm LEDs to get the correct height for the enclosure… So they will be through hole soldered. The DC Plug Jack and the RJ45 Header will be through hole soldered as well.

However, for the ATTiny84, I’m considering using the SSUR, SOIC (small outline package)…
Obviously, I will need to be able to install this chip on solder pads that will be placed on the PCB.

Is this going to be too difficult? What tools will I need? Are fine tip soldering gun, magnifying glass and tweezers sufficient?
Never done any type of drag soldering before or worked with such tight pitches.

I think this design will be a keeper… so I hestitate to use DIP Packaging (PDIP) with it’s higher costs. (double factoring in the socket)

Gives you an idea…