Feasible camera interfacing with Arduino

Hello, I want to use a camera with arduino for a personal robotics project. I have been searching and I found CameaCube from OmniVision ( http://www.ovt.com/products/cameracube.php ). This seems to be the only feasible way to interface a camera because most of webcams are USB based and they are difficult to control. Has someone tested the CameraCube? Do you know any alternative? Do you know where can I buy a CameraCube?

Thanks Pau

An arduino doesn't have the horsepower required to process video unless its ridiculously low resolution. You could use an arduino to point a camera in the right direction, trying to read what its looking at is a job for a much more powerful computer.

A week or two ago, someone posted a link to a camera that costs about $40-50, and has built-in JPEG compression and a serial interface. That's the sort of thing you'd need if you wanted to make a "snapshot robot", but the Arduino doesn't have the horsepower needed to do any real image processing or analysis.

What do you want this camera to do? You may want something like a video camera with a radio transmitter to send the video to a remote monitor, and not have the Arduino involved in controlling it at all.

I want to do image recognition with arduino. I know it sounds like a joke but I want to test if it is possible. So many people has told me about the "horsepower issue" but none of them has ever tried to do image processing with arduino. I think it should be tested and then decide whether it is feasible or not.

As the arduino has rather small memory, you have to look into prosessing the image line by line or use Sd-card for more memory. (hence slow processing).
Another possebility is compressed sensing tec.

But here also I am not sure if you can fit the algoritms in the Arduino but it is a great option if it can be made to work.