Feasible DCC project?

I am a real newbie, my Arduino (actually a "YourDuinoRobot" compatible, Duemilanove clone?) only arrived yesterday and I have never coded C++. However I paid the rent by coding Delphi for a decade or so and feel I am potentially up to the coding side.

Now, my project which I would like comment on please. I am considering a DDC (i.e. model train) controller for our Lego trains set. The trains are already fitted with decoders so I am only interested in a controller at this stage.

I am planning to use a PC to send a table of train addresses with speed, function etc which the Adruino will convert to the required NRMA DCC block format and pass it to an H-bridge motor controller circuit to drive the tracks.

It sounds like a big job for a newbie and I am hoping there are libraries that will make it easier for me.

Any comments greatly appreciated.


Have you looked at OpenDCC?

I "glanced" at OpenDCC but it did not strike me as a Arduino project? :~

What about the other Google hits?

They brought me here! :)

But they also took me to http://www.oscale.net/en/simpledcc which looks interesting for what I have in mind.