feasiblity of receiving data by bluetooth and transmitting to a server by wifi

Dear Forum readers:

I am in the early stages of a project where I need to receive data from a bluetooth source ( a human activity monitor device from a company known as Shimmer) and transmit it to a server wirelessly, using WiFi. Reading about the Arduino system would suggest that it is possible to construct an Arduino system that would do this by connecting a bluetooth module and a WiFi shield to an Arduino board---is this correct?, meaning is this actually a feasible design.?

-pete council, MD, MSEE
Montana, USA

It slightly depends on the Bluetooth capabilities of the Shimmer. Do you have access to documentation of the protocol it uses?

If it uses the bluetooth serial profile, and its command set is reasonably well documented, the project you describe sounds feasible.


Sure connecting a bluetooth module and a wifi module at the same time is possible.

I'd be more focused on, what profile does the bluetooth device you are trying to communicate with use. If it isn't a standard protocol, you're going to have to write a lot of software on your own. On the other hand, if it the device uses the Serial Port Protocol (SPP), then it is relatively simple to work with.

Thanks to those who responded---I would indeedhave access to the details of the Shimmer bluetooth protocol and it probably is SPP but further exploration of the Arduino platform suggests it might be a lot simpler to connect an accelerometer to an Arduino and collect the movement data I am after directly on the Arduino and use a WiFi shield to connect it to an internet based server