Feather m0 to use servo while on battery


I am using the feather m0 azure kit:

Now while on battery, there is only 3.3v power supply, and the servo is rated at 5v.
How can I make it work?

It seems a bit odd that the kit provides a servo and the board is meant to be ran on battery power and than I can use the servo.

Thank you!

Always use a separate power supply for servos, as they generate electrical noise that can damage an Arduino. 4xAA batteries will work fine for the servo, and the servo should accept 3.3V signals from the Arduino.

Don't forget to connect the grounds.


Thank but it makes no sense, if I am building an IoT device for mass production I am not going to have two power sources.
I have never seen a product that have dedicated power source for one component. Also if I have AA batteries connected to the servo, there is no power management, or charging abilities which the product needs to have.

If you are using a Lipo battery as recommended for the Feather then you have approximately 3.7V available direct from the battery and almost all small servos will work at that voltage.


I have never seen a product that have dedicated power source for one component

Have you not noticed the battery for the RTC in a laptop or PC?

However, your observation is mostly correct, because companies that make commercial products hire competent, experienced engineers, who fully understand how to design reliable circuitry with a properly decoupled power supply.

People with that level of understanding rarely ask questions on the Arduino forum.

Thank slipstick, it does work but often the servo makes noise because the power source is not reliable.
I will solve the issue with a 5v booster, but it odd that a kit is sold that way.