Feature Request: Alerts-Overview

Hi there!

I still find it very demotivating seeing things that don’t work. Like the „0 ponts Karma” in the profile. How comes that a thing that must be very easy to achieve still doesn’t work?

My feature request:

It’s nice that Alerts do work now. But I still prefer clicking on threads that are „new“ tagged. A really nice thing would be IMO: An overview page where all alert-posts (posts that caused an alert) are collected.

Again, AFAIK that can’t be such a hard thing to implement.

What do you think?


HELP , just getting new Delta printer with Arduino MEGA 2560 R3 (micro-USB) try to install driver on WINDOWS 10 .
nothing works it said : No numerical signature, have try old version drivers and same + Windows defined it self as a USB COM 4 port.

when printer arrive it was a MEGA 2560 board , but for a don’t know reason my REPEITER software was recognize my EEPROM so i but new one and now have the drivers issue and still with the same REPEITER issue …

Some have found anything to HELP .

:frowning: crying on my Keyboard for at least 4 days


:frowning: crying on my Keyboard for at least 4 days

Posting your question in another Thread that has absolutely nothing to do with your problem is pretty much guaranteed not to find a solution.

More thought needs to be applied before you decide where to post a question.

Maybe more thought would help you find a solution without needing to ask a question.