Feature Request - Allow selection of a fixed width font

Plz allow the selection of a fixed width font for all windows so that even columns can be created.

Lovin' the new IDE.

Please tell me they didn't use a variable width font for code?

The more advanced features of Arduino IDE 2.x are accessed via the Command Palette.

You can open the Command Palette with either the F1 key or Ctrl+Shift+P (Cmd+Shift+P on macOS). You will now be presented with a long list of interesting looking things. Fortunately, there is a search field you can use to find what you're looking for.

To adjust the font settings, select "Settings: Open Preferences" from the command palette, then search the settings for "Editor: Font Family".

But your request is not clear to me. On my installations the default setting is a fixed width font so it is not necessary to change the setting.

I noticed that the font in the Serial Monitor window was not fixed width when I tried to make even columns out of printed data. When I entered the Feature Request, I decided to request that fonts could be chosen for all windows.

Who really needs fancy options for the serial monitor? It's a basic simple debugging or demo tool.

Hi @deanonh. Please share a sketch that demonstrates the problem. It might be about this bug rather than the font:

Note this addendum:

Just realized it's also converting multiple spaces to a single space.
So all formatted output is impossible.

Hi @ptillisch, I believe this issue is what I am experiencing. The following is a window shot of the code & serial monitor output. The code is Blink plus 4 additional lines; 25, 32, 38, & 42. Notice line 38 has 2 spaces before 'cnt' to compensate for 'on' being 1 char less than 'off', yet SerMon has removed this 1 space.

Thanks for the update.

I'm glad that we have at least identified the true cause of the misbehavior of the IDE and that the IDE developers have been notified of the situation. Hopefully this bug will be fixed in an upcoming release.

This bug was introduced in the 2.0.0-beta.12 release, so you can use 2.0.0-beta.11 as a workaround. Download in the "Assets" section here:

However, in the end the point of the beta releases of Arduino IDE 2.x is to offer the Arduino community the opportunity to participate in the development of this important tool by doing beta testing and providing the developers with high quality feedback. Since beta testing can only really be done effectively when using the latest version, there isn't really much point in using an outdated beta release.

So it's probably best to either live with the Serial Monitor bug for now or else to use the stable Arduino IDE 1.8.16 if you need a fully functional Serial Monitor.

No worries. I agree; no going backwards. I will stay on the latest Arduino 2 Beta 12 until a new beta is released.

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