Feature Request... Auto select Serial Monitor Window if open

Hi All,

I have a Feature Request

In the old 1.8 IDE if the serial monitor window was open when uploading the code to the device the output went straight to the serial monitor window.

In the v2 IDE this does not happen, so if you have the Serial Monitor tab open in the IDE, could there be an option to switch automatically to the Serial Monitor window tab when you compile and upload to your device.

Thanks for considering.

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Hi @SniffTheGlove. It sounds like an interesting suggestion, but unfortunately it's not clear to me. Would you mind providing a more detailed description?

Thanks for the reply.

OK, so open the 1.8 IDE and load a sketch with debug output.
Compile and upload to an arduino.
Open serial monitor window. The compiled sketch then restarts and outputs to the serial monitor window.
Open another 1.8 IDE and load a sketch with debug output.
Compile and upload to an arduino.
The compiled sketch then restarts and outputs to the current open serial monitor window.

In Version 2 IDE this does not happen.

I was told that in IDE 2 the serial output tab is directly linked to the opened sketch in the IDE now. If you open a new IDE session and upload a different sketch you have to close the serial output tab in the other IDE and reopen it in the new IDE.

I hope this explains things a bit better.

Previously I would have an arduino running where I have one 1.8 IDE open with my project sketch and another IDE open with test code which I would just upload and test with Debug serial output data etc and would flip between the 2 and the serial output window would just keep running. Now with ver 2 IDE I have since been told that one IDE window per project and the serial output monitor is linked to just that project/sketch and opening another IDE say for test code does not allow the serial monitor to be used unless it is closed in the other ide.

It's just a lot of extra mouse clicks to keep closing the monitor window but I am used to doing this now.

Thanks for the clarification!

This is indeed an important suggestion. This problem was also reported along with several others by one of the founders of Arduino, Tom Igoe here:

In order that the developers might more effectively track this important issue, there is now a dedicated one for this request here:

There are a few possible ways this could be dealt with, but the plan now is to try to handle it "the Arduino way" by just making the IDE handle it automatically so the user doesn't need to think about it:

I believe the handling of Serial ports should be done automagically.
If a port is open and an upload towards the same port is initiated, the connection should be closed and upload started.

For you or me, the Serial Monitor of another window causing an upload failure is only an annoyance, but for a beginner it might be the cause of significant confusion.