feature request: include assembler files

Assembler has come up in more than a few questions in the (far) past, but most often the answer is to include assembler in an extremely ugly and rather unreadable way, using lots of double quotes and escaped linefeeds and tabs.

Are there plans for a future release of the IDE where I can include "decent" assembler files (which probably would require makefiles)?

Have you tried to include an assembler file with a sketch?

How would I do that?

stevenvh: How would I do that?

With a #include statement.

Huh. Assembler support has been broken. I created an issue... https://github.com/arduino/Arduino/issues/3059

(also posted on github)

Arduino has never supported .s assembler files in sketches. They are supported in libraries and the core library, but not sketches.

I have a patch that adds this support for sketches. If the Arduino devs say they'd like to add this, I'd be happy to prepare a pull request.

This has been discussed before. I believe the decision, by David Mellis, was not to support .s files in sketch. As a general rule, I don't put time into pull requests for features that have been previously rejected. I just maintain the patches and update them for each Arduino release. Of course, I'm happy to contribute if the feature is wanted.

@stevenvh, I suggest "packaging" the assembler file(s) as a library.

Give it a spin... https://github.com/arduino/Arduino/pull/3227