[FEATURE REQUEST] International posts - how to not-read?

David Cuartielles, Can you put an option to not list the international posts when using the 'unread posts' option? I have just been using the 'unread posts' to see what is going on vs going thru forum by forum. How can we skip the international? I don't mean this to be disrespecful, I just don't have the time to run each post thru google translate or something to see what they say, altho I am sure they are just as interesting as the english languager requests going by what's in some of the titles. Thanks Robert

I guess we need to implement a new feature that allow people select which are the boards they want to follow, this will take me some time, I am getting started tonight, hopefully done soon.


Thanks! I'd like this feature as well.

Me 2.

I second that…it would be nice if its possible to do, or maybe add a function where it only presents the unread posts from forum categories that I am interested in.

This would be a nice feature!