FEATURE REQUEST - line numbers in code box

If it is a standard option within the SMF forum software it would be very helpful if the code box would show line numbers.

However it would be essential that clicking select would exclude the line numbers.


I don't see the need for them.

Other forums seem to do code much better. They have line numbers (which helps with error messages), syntax colouring, boxes that are a reasonable size, and so on.

Syntax colouring is a current request:

I don't see the need for them.

They help when you are trying to point out where something should be changed. Ex: Add such and such between lines 26 and 27.


Not to mention our standard response to people that don't show any code

"The problem is on line 49"


This should be enabled when code highlighting is setup.

All javascript (client side) highlighters I have used/seen support line numbers.

I just wanted to comment of this thread so I could keep an eye on it, (via my posts) seeing as I never get any post or message notifications anymore 8)