Feature request: No selection means whole line

This is a feature that I use all the time in Microsoft Visual Studio (VS).

If you do a Ctrl-X and there is no text selected, VS would cut the entire line wherever the insertion caret happens to be (it does not need to be at beginning of end of line).

This is really handy for cleaning up extra blank lines, ie: Ctrl-X, Ctrl-X.

or duplicating/moving a whole line up/down, ie: Ctrl-C, down arrow, down arrow, Ctrl-V

Very much supported :slight_smile:

I guess I am way to used to the old school way of hold shift and press down to highlight a entire line

you might break my tiny brain with more shortcuts :smiley:

I’m with Osgeld on this :slight_smile: Still its just a matter of habit, but I would think it would be somewhat “unintuitive” to have something work on something unselected (e.g. a line). But if it were an option you could enable/disable, why not.